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تسجيل مكالمات tasjil mokalamat


Call recording application tasjil al mokalamat is the most downloaded applications for call recording application on Google store Play. The application also allows the user to save the mokalama call in multiple formats. After you install the application I'm working ON is enabled and will start automatically record incoming calls once you connect, features easy-to-use intuitive interface. There is absolutely no need for learning while using this application, so I put all the features and options in front of you. Either on the main screen of the application keeps everything organized and easily accessible. application allows you to adjust the calls should be recorded and should not register so you can distinguish push button only. Recordings will be saved in your Inbox, where a user can refer to it and listen to it at any time, add comments and share with friends. tasjil application features appel: great sharing options.
can check storage space directly from the application. two very distinct.
Note: this application allows you to transfer the recordings to the memory card directly from the application. Combine this feature with OTG (on the go) and USB cable and you want things